About Professional Photographer Brandon Barnard

South African Photographer

Brandon Barnard, born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been a Professional Photographer for more than 20 years, in his home country and around the world. Photography is Brandon's passion, his working week and end.

Photography with global reach

With over a thousand assignments under his belt, Brandon gathered invaluable experience and expertise and brings both to his photographic services. His obsessive nature to capture that magic moment and a "just one more shot" attitude is what gives him the competitive edge. Brandon is always trying to reinvent himself through photography. Brandon likes to capture exceptional images of anything and everything, from portraitscommercial and corporate photography to fitnessmodelling and travel. Brandon has worked with dozens of companies including Nike, Universal Pictures, Warner Bross, Fanta, Revlon and shot talented actors, comedians and performers.

Professional photography with a creative approach

Brandon prides himself on always ensuring his clients are happy with their images, and that their experience with him is a positive one from start to finish. Although his approach is relaxed and easy-going, he comes to every photo-shoot well prepared, and will not be shy to direct you and/or your group when necessary to ensure a memorable image. Brandon has an eye for detail, while constantly keeping the client's personal ideas and wishes very firmly in mind. Thanks to his technique, he is able to bring the best out of everyone he photographs.

Photographic equipment

Brandon is a believer that the photographer -and not the equipment- makes a great shot. However, it's a great help to have the right tools at hand. For Brandon, gear has to do be reliable and do a perfect job. It has to be good, reliable, robust and precise. Brandon has always used and still using his Nikon gear and during the last couple of years, he has acquired a vast range of Profoto lighting equipment. These are some of the brands that you will find amongst Brandon's photographic and lighting equipment:

Brandon gear includes Nikon, Profoto, Hasselblad, Sandisk, Manfrotto