Professional Photographer & Director in Johannesburg, Brandon Barnard

These are the brands that you will find amongst Brandon's photographic and lighting equipment:

Brandon gear includes Nikon, Profoto, Hasselblad, Sandisk, Manfrotto

South African Photographer & Director Brandon Barnard

Experienced Photographer and Director with a 25-year-old history of working in the photography and creative industries. Skilled in Advertising & Commercial Photography, Portraits and Corporate HeadshotsSports, Fashion Photography, and Video Production and Directing

With over a thousand assignments under his belt in Johannesburg, across South Africa, and around the world, Brandon Barnard has gathered invaluable experience and expertise and brings both to his photographic services. Brandon's obsessive nature to capture that magic moment and a "just one more shot" attitude are what give him a competitive edge. He is always trying to reinvent himself through photography.

Brandon prides himself on always ensuring his clients are happy with their images and that their experience with him is a positive one from start to finish. Although his approach is relaxed and easy-going, he comes to every photo-shoot well prepared and will not be shy to direct you or your group when necessary to capture a memorable image. Brandon has an eye for detail while keeping the client's ideas and wishes very firmly in mind. Get in touch.